FSI EGR Course Fellow

Freshman Scholars Institute (FSI)

Foundations of Engineering (EGR/STC 150)

Course Fellow Job Description

Summer 2023


Freshman Scholars Institute: Program Overview

FSI is a seven-week summer program that allows a cohort of entering students the chance to experience the intellectual, co-curricular, and social life at Princeton prior to the beginning of the fall semester. During the program, Freshman Scholars immerse themselves in the intellectually vibrant culture at Princeton through seminar-style courses and laboratory experiences. They engage with fellow scholars in a variety of co-curricular, community-building activities, and work closely with faculty members from a range of academic disciplines and fields. By experiencing early the many resources that Princeton has to offer, Freshman Scholars have the chance to prepare themselves to be future campus leaders and peer mentors. In the summer of 2023, which we anticipate teaching in-person, FSI will begin on June 28th (Monday) and conclude on August 18th (Friday). 


Foundations of Engineering: Course Description

The purpose of Foundations of Engineering is two-fold. First, it provides a project-based introduction to engineering that mixes electronics, mechanical construction, and computational data analysis. Second, it provides a firm theoretical foundation for the project in both math and physics. The course is comprised of three, integrated parts: lab, math and physics.  In lab, students will have the opportunity to build, test, and iterate the design of a rocket. Complementing the lab experience, lectures and precepts engage students using meaningful hands-on activities and problem sets that enhance their physics and mathematics content knowledge.  

Note: Because of the time commitment involved in the position, Course Fellows may not also take part in a full-time summer research opportunity, including but not restricted to ReMatch and OURSIP.


EGR Course Fellow: Position Description

EGR Course Fellows are experienced peer learners who work with students enrolled in EGR 150. Fellows facilitate group study both in and out of classroom time in order to help introduce students to the foundational quantitative and analytic skills they will encounter in EGR 150 and throughout their career at Princeton. Fellows will also help students gain strategies for successfully approaching complex and long-term assignments and will assist students while they work on problem sets, lab reports, and building/testing rockets. 

In addition, Course Fellows will meet with members of the EGR/STC 150 teaching team to discuss course progress (approximately 2 hours per week of the program); lead supplemental weekly study group or tutoring sessions at night and on weekends (approximately 5 hours per week of the program); attend 2 EGR course sessions per week; and contribute overall to a welcoming and inclusive academic community during FSI.



EGR Course Fellows will receive:

  • Room and 3 meals/day beginning June 27 and ending August 18
  • An additional $17/hr for 20-25 hrs/week during the 8-wk FSI term 
  • Mentorship from the EGR faculty, McGraw staff, and the FSI administrators.
  • Teaching experience with a diverse undergraduate population



Total Commitment: ~25 hours/week


Pre-FSI commitment

FSI Course Fellows should expend to spend approximately 10 total hours prepping for FSI prior to June 28 on the following activities:

  • Attending professional development trainings and staff meetings 
  • Communicating with and disseminating information to accepted Freshman Scholars


Program Commitment

Course Fellows should plan to be in residence and remain on campus from June 27 to August 18. They should plan to spend approximately 25 hours per week on the following responsibilities: 

  • Attend and participate in a 3-day training on June 28-29
  • Attend and help facilitate FSI Orientation on July 2-3
  • Attend and help to facilitate FSI Reorientation on August 17-18
  • Facilitating discussions during lecture and labs to support students’ understanding of course concepts and skills 
  • Assisting students while they work on homework and building/testing rockets
  • Leading supplemental study group or tutoring sessions with students during nights and weekends
  • Attending and participating in ongoing professional development trainings and weekly staff meetings to discuss course progress 
  • Providing mentorship, curricular and co-curricular support to Freshman Scholars



  • Mature undergraduate students with a passion for mentoring and teaching
  • Rising sophomores who have previously enrolled in and completed EGR/STC 150 during FSI 2017 and/or rising juniors and seniors who have successfully completed MAT 103/4 and PHY 103/4 OR EGR 191/2 OR EGR/STC 150 OR EGR 151/2 coursework at Princeton 
  • Candidates should possess strong MATLAB Skills including numerical integration, differentiation/integration, and graphing 


Deadline to Apply: Monday, March 20, 2023 12:00 PM (noon) EDT



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