FSI Resident College Advisor

Freshman Scholars Institute (FSI)

Resident College Adviser (RCA) Job Description

Summer 2023


Position Overview

The FSI RCA position is a summer leadership position for experienced Princeton undergraduates. FSI RCAs work closely with small groups of student advisees to promote an appreciation of the diverse Princeton residential community and to foster a welcoming, safe, and stimulating environment for all residents of the program.

During the summer, FSI RCAs will work closely with FSI’s Resident Graduate Students (RGS’s) and the FSI Staff to assist FSI scholars in the transition to college life and provide guidance as they develop responsible decision-making skills in social, personal, and academic spheres. RCAs provide support as students in their advisee groups manage health and adjustment issues, roommate relationships, and the demands of academic work and extracurricular activities. They also employ their familiarity with campus resources to serve as vital communications links between all offices and organizations of Princeton and FSI students. FSI RCAs are mature, generous and thoughtful campus leaders who seek to work collaboratively with staff and administration to create a warm, welcoming environment for the entire FSI community.



FSI RCAs will receive:

·       Room and board, beginning on June 27th and ending on August 25th (by 5:00 pm)

·       Payment at a rate of 17/hour for 30 hours/week for 9 weeks (with room and board, total compensation amounts to approximately $8000)

·       A social budget to be used on study breaks for zees

·       Intensive and inclusive leadership training during both the Spring semester and Summer, including facilitation, mentoring, and communication skills. (Dates below)


Requirements and Expectations

Spring 2023 (Pre-FSI commitment)

FSI RCAs should plan to spend approximately 8-10 hours per month preparing for FSI in April and May on the following activities:

  • Recruiting new scholars to FSI
  • Assisting with summer planning
  • Attending training and orientation meetings
  • Communicating with and disseminating information to accepted Freshman Scholars via email 


Summer 2023 (Program Commitment)

During the length of the program (July 1st-August 25th), FSI RCAs should plan to spend approximately 30 hours per week on the following activities:

·       Attending and participating in RCA Training on June 27-29, all-day FSI move-in on July 1st, all-day 2-day FSI Orientation on July 2nd and 3rd, evening/night time study breaks and events, weekly Core Meetings (day TBD), and weekend trips and activities.

·       Providing mentorship as well as social, emotional and academic support to Freshman Scholars by facilitating interactive and meaningful connections among students

·       Planning, organizing and implementing weekly study breaks, weekend outings and other small-scale social events for Freshman Scholars

·       Assisting in connecting students to a range of resources on campus

·       Being available each evening after 5pm and on weekends, as well as all day on training, orientation, moving, orientation, and whole community events (dates below). 

·       Managing a budget for social events for zees. 

·       With the guidance of a DSL and an RGS, planning, organizing, and facilitating various field trips and activities through the summer.

·       Helping to organize and implement programming for reorientation and transition week (full day reorientation: August 17-18th, transition week: August 21-25th) 

·       Fostering a safe, inclusive and hospitable environment for all students through warm, responsible and mature behavior


Important Dates:

  • RCA(s) and course fellows move-in:  June 27
  • RCA/All FSI Staff Training: June 27-29
  • Move-in for the students:  July 1 (Parent Orientation this date too)
  • Orientation:  July 2-3
  • First Day of Classes:  Wednesday, July 5
  • All Community - Nomad Pizza Truck Event: date TBD
  • Mid-Semester Check-In: July 21
  • Reading Period:  August 12-13
  • Final Exams:  August 15-16
  • Official Move-out Date for students into year-long room:  Aug. 18
  • Re-Orientation:  August 17-18
  • Closing BBQ:  Friday, August 18
  • EBCAO Kickoff: August 24
  • On-Call Period: August 25

Please note that the above dates do not include weekend trips, social events and activities. If you plan to be away at any time during the program dates (June 27-August 25), you must get pre-approval from Dr. Ashlee Shaw ([email protected]) and Justin Smith ([email protected]).



Do you have questions about the position or about FSI in general? Try these options: 


Apply Here by Monday, March 20, 2023 12:00 PM (noon) EDT