Josh Faires

Alumnus Associate
Emma Bloomberg Center for Access & Opportunity

Josh serves as an alumnus associate assisting in program and event coordination of FSI and SIFP and student participants' mentorship. He leads projects including co-curricular programming, outreach initiatives to engage students and their home communities, alumni engagement, and liaising with campus staff and faculty to curate and communicate student participants' resources. Additionally, he researches and develops best practices for peer-to-peer and near-peer mentorship, designing current and future research in community building, student mentorship, and inclusive mentorship practices. Parallel to these, he works to develop a first-gen/low-income alumni community and establish mentorship programming for recent first-gen/low-income graduates.

A graduate of the class of 2020, Josh is an alum of FSI 2015 and among the first SIFP cohort. Throughout his time at Princeton, he worked for SIFP in various roles, including FSI RCA, head fellow, and LGBT fellow. Initially pursuing a BSE degree in Computer Science, he received an AB in Sociology and Certificate in Gender and Sexuality Studies. He worked as an administrative and curricular fellow during the 2020 virtual FSI and as a graduate fellow for virtual SIFP 2021. In 2022 they completed a MA at Columbia University, where they researched the role of empathy in casual gay relationships.

Pronouns: He/They

Hometown: Margate, FL

Different activities I enjoy doing outside of the office: I love dancing (Latin, belly, hip-hop), playing board & video games, traveling, and performing in drag (Ms. Guided)

I am energized by: Uplifting and empowering marginalized voices

My favorite part of the job is: Meeting all our wonderful SIFPeeps and FLI-Gers!

Some small things that make my day better are: Hugs, poorly executed jokes, and sparkling water