Transfer Scholars Initiative

The Transfer Scholars Initiative (TSI) is a pilot summer program for community college students housed in the Emma Bloomberg Center for Access and Opportunity. Working with its community college partners, Princeton will host a small and talented cohort of students considering transfer to highly selective four-year colleges with excellent completion rates. Transfer Scholars will enroll in a full-time, eight-week academic curriculum, in which they will take two for-credit Princeton courses at no cost to the student. Transfer Scholars will have the opportunity to engage with other Princeton faculty, students, and summer programs, and will have access to campus resources comparable to Princeton undergraduates.

After the summer program, they will benefit from transfer success programming to help them plan their four-year application process as they curate and revise their materials.

TSI will be a commuter-only program in summer 2023. In addition to tuition costs being covered, all Transfer Scholars receive a generous stipend to cover expenses, including travel. TSI’s 2023 program dates are June 26-August 18.


To learn more, please visit the TSI website