Alison Parish

I am so grateful to have participated in the Freshman Scholars Institute this summer. The first week was especially difficult in organizing a working schedule to complete my assignments, attend FSI events, and navigate extended periods of screen time. Throughout the program, I received help from several staff members and upperclassmen from my RCA to fellows at the McGraw and Writing Centers. Thus, I was able to develop a routine and strategies to be more productive at home.

Ways of Knowing was challenging, but I cultivated my analytical reading and writing skills while exploring scholarly texts on knowledge, power, and identity. I enjoyed the class discussions and appreciated reading sources that spoke to the FLI experience. Similarly, the Chemistry mini-course has been helpful in preparing me for the rigor of STEM courses.

While FSI has given me more confidence for the fall semester, I have made connections with other students through classes, vibe sessions with RCAs, and events. Summer 2020 will always be a summer to remember not only because of the impact of coronavirus, but also because of the impact of FSI on the start of my undergraduate experience at Princeton.

- Alison Parish '24